Search reviews and rate anything at JoyRate.

How to use this website?

  • All reviews on this website are anonymous to make the reviews more "real". You just come to this website and write a review; NO log-in is required.
  • If you are filling the review form, several common categories are listed there. If you want to write a review for any other category, you can click the Other in the form, then you can input any category you want. If you are reviewing something that is already existing in JoyRate, auto suggestions are there to help you complete the form, though you can make any adjustment before submitting the form.
  • The search of JoyRate is full text search; that means it not only searches the categories and titles, but also searches the review content.
  • You can search anything, then the results for different categories will be shown.
  • If you click the category in the search results, only the results for that category will be shown.
    • On desktop, the review form will be set to the category that you clicked for easy review of this category.
    • On mobile, the title will be shown as "rate 'category'" now; clicking this will lead to the review form on mobile.
  • In the search results, if you want to rate the same thing, you can click the "Rate This" which will prefill the metadata for you in the review form, and you only need to give the rating and review content. Obviously you can adjust the metadata if you think the adjustment is more correct.
  • You may have a search "restaurant new york" which shows all restaurants in new york. While browsing the search results, you may find that you are interested in a specific resturant, then you can click the "Search This"; it will bring all the reviews for this restaurant together at the front of the search results. Here restaurant is just an example.
  • If you search a name "smith", it could be a doctor, teacher, etc. There are two ways to make it more specific:
    • Search "doctor smith", then the doctors with name smith will be at the front of the search results.
    • Search "smith", then click the "Category: Doctor" in a search result, which will then keep only the doctor category results as mentioned above.
  • JoyRate respects your privacy and does not use your location information for search. Please input the actual city name in the search box rather than "near me".
  • The "Did you mean" helps correct typos in search.
  • By default, joyrate.com will lead users to JoyRate at USA. If you want to write a review for another country:
    • On desktop, click the "Countries" in the menu at the top right corner, then select a country.
    • On mobile, click the "≡" menu button (three parallel horizontal lines), then click the "Countries" to select a country.
  • If you are writing a review for a non-English speaking country, you can use your own language (or English) to fill the review form.
  • If you are searching a topic, input the word topic at the front of the search box then input your other keywords.